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What to Expect

Realising there is a problem is the first step. Counselling can help with this, as well as looking for solutions to your concerns.


1. Discuss what brought you to counselling

What are your goals and hopes?

2. Getting to know each other

Building a rapport

3. The next step

Individual tailoring to your needs.

People seek counselling for many reasons, it's not just when they may be experiencing mental health concerns. If you decide to seek my counsel, an initial six to ten sessions may be required. 

As your counsellor, my role is to assist you with strategies to become empowered to help yourself. On this journey I can help you with setting personal goals, exploring what works best for you, and reinforcing your success. This will be achieved through using various therapeutic approaches, tools, knowledge and self help strategies that have been individually tailored.

Counselling is not about providing advice or fixing you, rather it is about giving you the tools and techniques to manage your concerns and grow towards your goals.

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